Traditional Chinese acupuncture and microsystem acupuncture

Body and ear acupuncture Dr. kreisel near Stuttgart

At his Clinic for Integrative Medicine in Bietigheim-Bissingen near Stuttgart and Ludwigsburg, Dr. Kreisel offers traditional Chinese acupuncture and special microsystem acupuncture. Microsystems are body regions reflecting the human being in his or her entirety. The most common microsystems are ears, the head, hands and feet. Microsystem acupuncture treats those regions specifically. The main benefit of microsystem acupuncture compared to traditional body acupuncture is its significantly faster acting effect.

Traditional Chinese body acupuncture

In traditional body acupuncture, the points to be treated are located along energy gates that are also called meridians. These meridians are spread over the entire body surface. Ancient Chinese belief says that life’s energy or Qi with its share of Yin and Yang flows through these gates. Both of the life-preserving forces act simultaneously in the body. However, they are effective as opposite poles. If they are balanced perfectly within the organism, they demonstrate ideal health. Any imbalances lead to illness over time. Stimulating the corresponding points with needles dissolves any energy blockages within the body and eliminates interferences. To this day, more than 350 standard acupuncture points are known, some of which have to be selected and combined carefully according to energetic criteria.

Ear acupuncture

In the 1950ies, the French physician Dr. Paul Nogier developed ear acupuncture and the auriculo medicine originated therefrom. According to this method, the surface of the ear is a reflex zone projecting all organs and structures of a body. An examination of ear reflex zones allows an exact statement about health conditions and helps to make a diagnosis. Furthermore, it facilitates the finding of interference areas. At the first glance, these often do not seem to be connected with actual clinical pictures, but in total they affect the healing process negatively. It is supposed that all stimulus triggered by ear acupuncture get to the related organs via the interbrain and that these respond to signals. Therefore, ear acupuncture always acts through the brain, the human control center. It is highly effective due to its short reflex paths.

Skull acupuncture according to Yamamoto YNSA

During the 1970ies, the Japanese physician Dr. Toshikatsu Yamamoto devolved this treatment method which was named after him. Yamamoto’s skull acupuncture works well with neurological diseases and with acute or chronic pain. The acupuncture points are located on the scalp where they are stimulated with fine acupuncture or laser needles.

Eye acupuncture according to Boel (Acupuncture 2000, Acunova)

During the 1990ies, Prof. John Boel from Denmark developed a highly effective acupuncture system for the treatment of eye diseases. That system became generally known as eye acupuncture. Of course, no needles are directly inserted into the eye. The name rather refers to the fact that mainly points that have a strengthening effect on the eye are used.

Acupuncture with permanent needles

Permanent needles are sterile single-use needles made of steel that are inserted in the ear’s skin surface and remain there for up to three weeks. Permanent needles should be stimulated with a small magnet several times a day. Acupuncture using permanent needles may not be confused with implantation acupuncture.

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