Percutaneous laser therapy

Percutaneous laser therapy_Dr. Kreisel

When using percutaneous laser therapy, delicate laser fibers are inserted through the skin (= percutaneously) into the tissue or joints to purposefully release a higher energy quantity into the treatment area. The term “percutaneous laser therapy” is an umbrella term that summarizes interstitial and intraarticular laser therapy.

The method of interstitial laser therapy has proven its effectiveness with lumboischialgia, disc prolapses and spinal canal stenosis. Hurting and inflamed tissue is directly irradiated with laser light. Direct irradiation on the spot increases effectiveness of the therapy and offers significant advantages when treating chronic pain disorders. As laser irradiation is not dampened by skin and muscle layers, a higher laser energy dose can be achieved in the target tissue. This makes success possible even in difficult and therapy-resistant cases.

Patients suffering from joint diseases such as arthrosis of the hip and/or knee joint or the shoulder can profit from an intraarticular laser therapy. In this cases, a sterile laser catheter is moved forward into the affected joint.

In his clinic in Bietigheim-Bissingen near Stuttgart and Ludwigsburg Dr. Kreisel offers percutaneous laser therapy. Please contact us for more information.

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