Infusion therapy for pain relief, revitalization and detoxification

Infusion therapy Dr. Kreisel

At the Clinic for Integrative Medicine in Bietigheim-Bissingen near Stuttgart and Ludwigsburg, Dr. Kreisel offers infusion therapies for pain relief, revitalization and detoxification. During an infusion therapy, all active agents are given intravenously, i. e. directly into the vein. Those substances quickly reach the place of activity by circumventing the digestive tract. Depending on the clinical picture, between 5 and 10 infusion treatments are needed at an interval of several days. This therapy can perfectly be combined with laser and acupuncture treatments.

Pain management

Often acute and chronic pains are alleviated quickly and reliably by infusion of analgesics and local anesthetic. Base infusions can improve respondence to analgesics.

Revitalization therapy with vitamins and trace elements

An unbalanced metabolism can lead to non-specific disorders such as weakness, lack of appetite and drive, exhaustion and reduced performance. Infusions containing vitamins and trace elements are proven remedies.


Complexing agents, various vitamins and alga preparations are used to detoxify the body. Often they are initially used as infusions and later administered orally.

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