K Laser Cube® – unique technology

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K Laser Cube® is based on a technology that is unique in the world and which significantly improves the effectiveness of laser therapy. In particular, this method has proven its effectiveness in pain therapy and is excellently suited for the treatment of sports medical and orthopedic disorders.


  • Back and joint pain caused by wear and disc prolapses
  • Lumboischialgia
  • Shoulder and neck pain
  • Joint pain, e. g. with arthrosis
  • Sports injuries such as bruises and strains
  • Calcaneal spur
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome CTS
  • Tennis elbow
  • Wound healing disturbances
  • Sudeck’s disease CRPS

A generally improved metabolic situation through laser irradiation has positive effects on the regulation of pain perception. On a neurophysiological level, this is aiming at sustainably supporting the nerve regeneration and improving the further neuromuscular function chain. Complex movements can be done more easily. This leads to rapid and effective alleviation of pain and recovery.

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