Pain therapy of chronic back and joint pain

(disc prolapse, spinal stenosis, joint arthrosis)

Pain management is one of the treatment focuses of the Clinic for Integrative Medicine of Dr. Kreisel in Bietigheim-Bissingen near Stuttgart. Pain management includes all therapeutic methods leading to a reduction of pain, for example of chronic back and joint pain. In addition to pain therapy with laser light, Dr. Kreisel offers a variety of other effective methods of pain management that can also be combined for the purpose of multi-modal therapy. The objective is always to achieve the most effective treatment with few side effects at the same time.

pain-management epidural-hypertonic-sodium-chloride-treatment

Minor outpatient surgery with maximum effects in patients with disc prolapse and spinal stenosis.

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PRP-treatment Dr. Kreisel

PRP / ACP contains many anti-inflammatory and regenerative substances that are produced naturally in the body.

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Infusion therapy_Dr. Kreisel

All active agents are given directly into the vein and thus quickly reach their site of action.

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Mesotherapy_Dr. Kreisel

Active agents are injected some millimeters deep into the skin from where they are gradually released.

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